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Gail was born in Sydney Australia and relocated to Wilmington, NC in 2007. She primarily works in acrylics and paints in the style of contemporary abstraction, using bright colors and many textures. Her travels throughout America have provided the inspiration for her most recent collection, "Painting America". .................. September 15th 2010 After three amazing years in Wilmington N.C., coming back to a country town on the Mid North coast of N.S.W. Australia was like stepping onto another world. But here I am after seven months still unpacking and settling in. My studio is a three bay American Barn nestled amongst the gum trees on my five acre property on the Wilson River near Port Macquarie, at the moment I share it with frogs, furniture, cars and bikes, but it won't be to much longer before '' Gum Scrub Studio Gallery" will be up and running. Watch my blog for updates.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Not much happening since last update, I've been working on a new painting---Wilmington again !!

A never ending source for inspiration.

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Anonymous said...

Your painting of The Cotton Exchange is aabsolutely exquisite!
Imagine my surprise to find it front and center at the Una Luna Gallery. We own The Cotton Exchange and the picture now graces my office located in The Cotton Exchange. I love it!
~All the Best~
Nancy Bullock